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Lubbock Title IX Attorney

lubbock title ix attorney
lubbock title ix attorney
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Lubbock Title IX Attorney

You’ve worked hard. You’ve studied and nailed the final exams. A college degree, and the bright future it brings, are within your grasp. That is, until the university calls about a Title IX complaint. Now, you are faced with the possibility of a mark on your official record, suspension or even expulsion from the university.


Until 2011, the principal objective of Title IX was to prohibit the use of federal funds to discriminate on the basis of gender at educational institutions receiving federal aid. Since 2011, Title IX has been weaponized to address sexual harassment or sexual violence on college campuses, with little regard to the accused student’s due process rights. So if you, or your child, has received notice of a Title IX complaint, enlist the assistance of a skilled advisor NOW.


The investigation process is the most important part of a higher education institution’s Title IX processes. This is one of the only opportunities for a student to collect evidence, find witnesses who were there, and draft a statement that best explains a respondent’s account of what occurred. A skilled courtroom attorney knows the methods that investigators use to conduct efficient investigations. With the guidance of an attorney, a student will be able to obtain all the evidence he or she will need by knowing what questions to ask and finding the right people to ask them to.


Each college or university’s code of conduct contains the documentation of their Title IX processes and how they will be carried out. When a student works by themselves or picks an advisor who is not well-versed in these rules and regulations, they may not realize that their school has not followed those processes. When a skilled courtroom attorney is hired as a Title IX advisor, the school authorities know that they are being watched and that any misstep could lead to unwanted legal action.


Don’t handle a Title IX complaint alone. While university rules differ on the involvement an advisor can play in a hearing, you are much better off hiring an experienced courtroom attorney to help you prepare. The university has likely hired an experienced investigator to present the case why you should be held responsible. Put experience back on YOUR side and hire a veteran trial attorney who will aggressively work for you.

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I had a matter on Texas Tech campus that Geoffrey was my Advisor on. He was was helpful, answered text messages quickly, and guided me through everything really well. I was really pleased!


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